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Blocks, slabs, tiles, facades, kitchen worktops or machinery - our directory allows internet users not only to find products in the field of natural stone but also the adequate supplier. The sidebar enables direct accesss to different categories, in which companies present themselves and their product range within virtual business cards.

Naturstein Risse

Our high quality standarts and the trade with materials in best quality secures the satisfaction of our customers.


Rexgranit offers blocks, unmeasured plates, facades, window sills, stairs, kitchen bench-tops and finished natural stone.

Bärlocher Steinbruch & Steinhauerei AG

Every year the Bärlocher AG extracts about 10.000 m³ Rorschacher Sandstein from its own quarry.

Aro Granite Industries ltd.

Aro Granite Industries focuses on processing stone. 70 % of the blocks processed originate from India.