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Islamic Museum in Qatar is the website of the leading German natural stone magazine Naturstein.  For sixty years Naturstein has given the stone mason valuable and trusted information. To expand our services  not only to the stone mason, but to the building industry as a whole, Naturstein has formed an agreement with the highly esteemed natural stone collection of the German Natural Stone Archive in Wunsiedel (DNSA) to include their actual natural stone library in the website.

Stone Search Here you can search for natural stone material with the confidence that the information is correct, all of the images  are  of  the actual materials  in  the DNSA collection. Every image has a technical data sheet attached  which provides  you with  the following information:
Polish quality--Polish durability--Suitability for flooring--Acid resistant and Frost resistance. Specifications: Bulk density--Pressure resistance--Bending strength--Water absorption and Thermal expansion.

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All that the professional needs to know when selecting natural stone materials can be found at Our website has many aspects to help the professional  understand the qualities of natural stone . On the left hand side of this page you will see the portal’s site navigation. There are many links to pages which  will give answers to most of your questions. Example: If information regarding cladding is required, click on "Facades". For information for installation, go to "Anchoring systems".