Stone for Interiors

All natural stone materials are suitable for interior walls, their natural beauty gives the impression of distinction. Apart from that natural stone has the added benefit of being almost maintenance free, hard wearing and therefore long lasting. New technology has given the architect/designer many more possibilities at affordable prices, in particular curved walls, reception desks and furniture.

However, care should be taken with flooring and that the wear and tear is considered in the given area and that the material is of correct quality. What is good for a hotel entrance in sunny Greece is not always suitable for an entrance in Munich.

One of the major problems with natural stone floors is "tracking". This problem is more pronounced in softer marbles and dark granites.

Natural stone in bathrooms and showers give a feeling of luxury even with the most inexpensive materials. However, for that very special feeling of sumptuousness there is nothing available that book matched natural stone bestows. Shower areas need special consideration, mainly due to the high abrasives of soap and shampoo. In many cases the material chosen has stained and lost its polished finished.