New samples are welcome

The German Natural Stone Archive in Wunsiedel (DNSA) has more than 5 600 stone samples from over 100 countries on display – it is the world’s largest collection of this type. The DNSA is always looking out for new materials. Samples from quarry operations or stone processing plants and trade companies etc. are always welcome. Newly introduced materials will be also presented in the monthly column "Stone Market" (Steinmarkt aktuell) in Naturstein magazine, our database and in the INSK.

For the display and publication of new stones the DNSA requires:
• Two samples of each material, polished if possible, minimum 24x15 x 2 cm or
   one sample with the size of 30.5 x 30.5 x 2 cm. It's also possible to send the
   sample in tile form 1 cm thick of either the dimensions above.
• Please mark clearly the name of the material on the back.
• Complete our questionnaire (go to) for each material, place it in an
   envelope and attach it to your material
• Email a copy of  the technical details to

Please send the material and information to:
Deutsches Naturstein-Archiv
Attention Herr Reinhard Kögler 
Marktredwitzer Str. 60
95632 Wunsiedel

For further information and details please contact:
Reinhard Kögler 
Tel.: +49 92 32 / 10 38 or -21 87
Fax: +49 92 32 / 83 25