Gravestones and Accessoirs

The Gravestone industry has changed a great deal over the last 20 years. Nowadays many monuments/gravestones are designed in Europe by the larger industrial companies and manufactured in China and India. There are still many stone masons that offer personally designed stones. The costs of these memorials are not necessarily higher than that of the ones supplied by the industry.  

The use of polished granite has become more popular over the last few years primarily because polished stone is easier to keep clean. Some cemeteries prefer unpolished limestone or, sandstones because they are less obtrusive. When one visits an old cemetery with its weathered and natural looking monuments it is easy to see their point.

However, this subject is one of personal choice that has to be made at a time of great stress and it is very understandable that the grieving want something that will last and look well kept for a long time. There will be a local stone mason who will be in a position to advise you on your local regulations. 

There a number of companies that provide lettering and symbols that best depict the personality of the diseased, be it regarding the profession, sports or hobby. Not only letters and symbols are available but also statues of various sizes with or without water outlets. Most companies offer most of their products from stock and have a reliable export services.