Peter Parler Award

What the stonemasonry trade does to preserve our cultural heritage is shown by the results of the competition for the Peter Parler Award 2009, which is presented at Stone+tec Nürnberg 2009 on 21 May. The winner is the stone restoration firm Bauer-Bornemann to the project team leaders  Ulrich Bauer-Bornemann and Wolfgang Schmidt.

There were fewer than usual, however all of the entries were of a high quality, that’s how the jury rated the entries for the Peter Parler Award 2009. Four cash prizes and a Project Team  Award will be presented in the EventArea in hall 1 of Stone+tec Nürnberg 2009 at 11 a.m. on 21 May. The award is sponsored by the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (historic preservation trust) and the Bundesinnungsverband des Deutschen Steinmetz-, Stein- und Holzbildhauerhandwerks (stonemasons and sculptors guild). The awards are presented for special achievements by the stonemasonry trade in the field of restoration and historic preservation. “The trade which originally carried out the work should also restore it,” says Prof. Dr. Gottfried Kiesow, President of the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, which provides 15,000 euros prize money biannually. 
And the winners are ... 
The first prize (7,000 euros) goes to Ulrich Bauer-Bornemann and Wolfgang Schmidt, Managing Directors of the Bamberg-based stone restoration firm Steinrestaurierung Bauer-Bornemann GmbH, for the reconstruction of the Jagdschloss Platte hunting lodge near Wiesbaden. 1. The former bombed hulk  has been  extensively  renovated, the  reconstruction of a double spiral staircase of Main sandstone, which gives the central rotunda its unmistakable character, is particularly impressive.
Second place (4,000 euros) in the competition for the Peter Parler Award 2009 goes to Eduard Schnell of Fridingen for his reconstruction of the steeple pinnacles and gable cover of the Protestant town church in Sigmaringen. 
Third place (2,000 euros each) is shared by Armin Hellstern from the Freiburg firm Armin Hellstern GmbH and Thomas Keßler, graduate restorer from Steinmetz & Bildhauer in Stangenroth. Hellstern receives the award for natural stone restoration work on St. Stephan’s Minster in Breisach and Keßler for the restoration of the Way of the Cross in Burkardroth. 
Other awards 
The jury also awarded three commendations and a Personality Award. The commendations go to Constantin Baki, Esslingen, for his conservation / restoration of the Galatea fountain in Stuttgart, Stefan Haustein of Bennert GmbH, Hopfgarten, for his renovation of the steeple of the Peterskirche church in Leipzig, and Werner Paetzke Junior for his renovation of the facade of the baroque church of St. Joseph in Hamburg. 
For his services to  the preservation of  European historic stonemasonry, Joachim Sukrow, former General Manager of the Bundesinnungsverband des Deutschen Steinmetz-, Stein- und Holzbildhauerhandwerks, receives the Personality Award in the form of a sculpture of Peter Parler by the Ulm sculptor Felix Burgel (Stiftung Ebner Verlag, Naturstein magazine). 
The members of the jury for the Peter Parler Award 2009 were Prof. Dr. Gottfried Kiesow, President of the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, Prof. Dr. Rolf Snethlage, State Office for Historic Preservation, Bavaria, Dr. Arndt Kiesewetter, State Office for Historic Preservation, Saxony, Dr. Christiane Schillig, “monumente” magazine for historic preservation, Peter Reiner, freelance architect, Martin Schwieren, master stonemason, and Horst Herzig, master stonemason. 
Objective of the award 
The competition is intended for self-employed master stonemasons and sculptors. The Peter Parler Award is presented for outstanding high-quality work by stonemasons on listed buildings or objects of natural stone under the aspects of conservation, craft restoration, creativity and material feeling. The award is intended to encourage the stonemasonry trade to become more involved in historic preservation and to apply the principles and quality standards applicable to official historic preservation. The award is also intended to make the public at large aware of the stonemasons contribution  towards the  preserving of  our national heritage.  The contribution of historic preservation specialists, graduate restorers, art historians and scientists  specializing in the field  was  also  highly  appreciated by the panel of judges.