From Marble to Stone+tec

Visitors in Izmir
Deniz Gelir of Metamar
Rahmi Alioglu Export Manager of Elkay
Gülümcan Örs of IZFAS
Suayp Demirel, Managing Director of Suayp Demirel.

Over 2,000 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors met at Marble 2009 held, this year, in the classical Turkish city of Izmir. Simply walking along the Kordon one feels the friendly and courteous welcome of the Turkish people. This friendliness is brilliantly mirrored in the atmosphere of the Culture park where the fair is held.


The sheer quantity and quality of materials available in Turkey is quite astounding as is the impressive amount of investment in new technology. Turkish companies have invested heavily in new machinery and plant to increase their output and reliability making Turkey a serious player in the international stone industry.


Centre of the Turkish stone industry
Over the last 15 years the Marble fair has built itself an enviable reputation, with remarkable speed, from a minor trade show to the second largest (42.500 sq m exhibition area) Natural Stone fair in the world. IZFAS, the show’s organizers claim a total of 1,112 exhibitors including 258 foreign companies from 32 countries and 51.560 national and international visitors from 76 countries. Despite the modest increase in numbers from last year – only 15 new exhibitors – it’s a good result in the present financial meltdown and retains a strong international feeling, is well organised and the fair staff are extremely helpful.


This success of "Marble" is undoubtedly due to the large quantity and variety of material available and the ever growing reliability of the Turkish stone industry. Another factor of its success and definitely a good reason to visit the fair is its location in the beautiful Culture Park. Izmir is the centre of the Turkish natural stone industry, over half the 2000 Turkish quarries and 1,500 factories are within a 400 km radius of Izmir. Assuming the current growth continues over the next few years the Turkish Natural stone industry will grow in significance in the global natural stone market.


Talking to the exhibitors it was clear that visitor numbers were far more than expected although German visitors were not following that trend mainly being companies already trading in turkey.


We spoke to Gülümcan Örs at Izmir, the Turkish Stone Industry’s energetic representative currently promoting Turkey’s products worldwide. When asked about the lack of German visitors she told us that she is aware of this and is currently working to change the situation. IZFAS, which is the largest trade fair organiser in Turkey, is promoting Marble 2010 in Germany at the Stone+tec.

Stone+tec: Hall 5 stand 137
Tel.: 0090 232 497 1229 /1238

Turkey in Nuremberg
This year there are 12 Turkish companies exhibiting at Stone+tec who also exhibited at Marble 2009. Naturstein spoke to them.

Haz Metal is a division of the world renowned company Haz Group of Companies. Since its foundation in 1978 it has completed over 500 projects in 28 countries. This experience has filtered down throughout its divisions offering the stone industry the benefits of the company’s vast experience. The very prestigious projects in which it has been involved, are far too many to mention here but a visit to their website is well worthwhile. Haz Metal provides services in the design and manufacture of stainless steel fixing systems that are used in installation of natural stone. The company assist and advise on the most suitable and economic fixing systems for individual projects to suit all local and international standards. Haz Metal work to the high standards demanded in Germany, where they have a subsidiary, Haz Metal GmbH.


Haz Marble has benefited from being part of the Haz Group in technology, knowhow and quality standards. All so very important in the modern stone industry. Haz Marble are fully integrated into the Haz Group’s undertaking to serve the industry in a thoroughly professional manner. A major part of that commitment is the huge investment in a newly appointed factory in Izmir.


Haz Abrasives supply products for the preparation, cutting, filling and polishing of natural stone products. The company has invested 4 million euro on machinery to produce two new coated abrasives for the preparation of natural stone, stainless steel and wood.


Both products give a high quality finish, and an increase productivity at reduced costs: HAZ DISC (known as Fiber Disc) is ideal for grinding of all types of marble, granite, wood, steel and stainless steel. It is able to satisfy every production need in marble, granite, wood, steel and stainless steel processing.

HAZ FLAP (Known as Flap Disc) is ideal for grinding process of every type of marble, granite, steel and stainless steel. HAZ FLAP are available as conic and flat types and have a high grinding capacity and long life.


Naturstein has written a company profile regarding The Haz Group which can be read (German language) here.

Stone+tec: hall 1 stand 107
Contact: Wera Rollik Haz Germany
Tel.: +49(0)9342.9359-0
Fax: +49(0)9342.9359-29

Metamar was founded in 1993 and since that time has become an international leader in the industry through its work in the production, fabrication and marketing of marble, limestone, onyx and travertine.

Metamar has its main factory in Isparta, another for its famous limestone: Simena, La Perla, Patara and Miros in Demre- Antalya and various quarries in neighbouring cities.


Metamar’s success is based upon a series of fundamental guidelines that have become an integral part of their policy of development: high production capacity and potential, advanced and sophisticated technology, strong quality standards and proven professional skills, marketing talent and trading experience.


A more detailed report can be found on the Naturstein website regarding Metamar (German language): >>>article

Stone+tec: hall 2 stand 105
Contact: Hassan Tiĝli
Tel.: 0090 246.2612470

Efesus Stone Collection has satisfied many markets around the world, including Germany. When one looks at the wide rang of 4,000 product options and combinations of materials that include 23 travertine’s, 18 marbles, 21 beige marbles 3 limestone’s, 1 onyx and 2 andesite fine-grained volcanic rock, one can see why. The finishes available are just as impressive which even include hand painted mouldings. The product range also includes hand crafted items, Fireplaces, fountains, bathtubs, sinks and garden ornaments.

The materials are excavated from their own quarry, therefore consistency is guaranteed. The capacity of the company is large, 80,000 cubic .m of the materials are quarried annually and a production capacity of 950,000 sq. m.

Stone+tec: hall 4 stand 518
Contact: Yasemin Cetin
Tel.: 0090 272 2142228

Mesta Travertine & Marble started its production in 1997 due to the growth of the Turkish stone industry they opened in 2005 a new facility located in Elaziğ industrial Zone. Mesta has taken advantage of the latest technology in the choosing raw materials and production techniques. The new factory started full production in 2006 and reached a capacity of 1,000,000 m2 slabs, mosaic and cut- to- size in this very short period of time.


We met with Bayram Arslan on their stand and he spoke German and English perfectly and told Naturstein that he is an old Schwab born in Kempten. “I know what the German and European stone mason wants…Service, quality at reasonable prices. That I can give him” One of the reasons they can say “Customer Satisfaction is all” they own the quarries, therefore they control the quality of material they use. The companies material list is impressive 4 travertine’s, Yellow in different colour selections, Noce, Classic and the special rainforest Green. 6 Marbles, Anatolian Light Beige, Beige, Cherry levanto, Emprador, Rosalaia and Pink, plus an onyx and Elaziğ Gres grey


Stone+tec: hall 5 stand 135
Contact: Bayram Arslan
Tel.: 0090 216 449 02 78 ext:5

Verona Granite was established in 1994 and has grown considerably over the last 15 years. Customer satisfaction is very high on the companies agenda, having four factories, Bursa-Gemlik#1, Bursa-Gemlik #2, Balikesir and Istanbul their capacity has helped the company to be active and successful in the Turkish and the international stone market. The company’s primary products are cut-to -size, blocks, slabs, tumbled products and tiles in honed, polished and brushed finishes. In addition Verona Granit has a comprehensive selection of mosaics and mouldings plus a variety of basins and shower trays.

On Verona granite’s stand in Nuremburg you will also find a representative from Arma Mermer with whom Verona Granit have a working cooperative in the quarrying of 2 travertines Tivoli and Consta, 4 marble Rosso Lepanto, Olive Brown, Cream K and Blue magic, 1 Limestone Giallo Meditarranean.


Stone+tec: Hall 4-328
Conact: Mr Bilger Güneş
Tel.: 0090 216 526 5100

Contact: Emre Ataç
Tel.: 0090212 415 00 30

Assos Antique Marble has become one of the leading company’s in Turkey since its conception in 2004. It has successfully marketed itself on the world market in the supply of Tumbled, polished, honed and brushed finishes in natural stone. Assos produce tiles, mosaics, medallions and mouldings. Making the most of modern technology they produce in four materials Travertine, Marble, Limestone and Glass. The portfolio of Assos is very impressive and shows a great versatility in the mix of products. Their basin and bowl selection is very well designed with great understanding for the classical designs and flair for the modern designs. They export around the world and have a good client base in Germany.


Stone+tec: hall 4 stand 134
Contact: Mr Enis and Dilek Akbarpour 
Tel.: 0090 266 281 1400 & 

Elkay Chemicals have provided, over the last 30 years, high quality products for the cleaning, polishing, protection and adhesion of natural stone. They claim the largest share of the Turkish market in the supply of construction chemicals. Elkay export to 50 countries and are growing internationally and aim to explore the German market by offering a good quality product at reasonable prices. They offer a wide rang of products which can be seen on their website.

Naturstein interviewed Mr. Rhami Alioglu the export manger, he told us that he is confident that Elkay will be successful in Germany due to their philosophy of high customer satisfaction brought about by their ISO 9001 quality certified products. Mr Rhami Aliglu will be on his stand to answer any questions you have regarding their products.


Stone+tec: hall 6 Stand 245
Contact: Rahmi Alioglu
Tel.: 0090 262 751 2187

The factory of the Ugur Marble Mine company sits on an 80,000m open area and a 13,000 closed area. It is equipped with modern machinery giving them a 1,250,000 sqm production capacity per year. Ugur claim that once their total modernisation is completed they will have the highest capacity in Turkey. They have 5 quarries Royal Beige, Rosa Pearl and Crema Luna, Rosa Bella and Limestone.


They work on a number of large projects worldwide. Two are: The supplying to Vetter of Germany 14,000 sqm of Royal Beige for the most expensive apartments in the world at Number One Hyde Park London that is being built by the substantial building company Laing O’Rourke. And a large project in Singapore where they are supplying 7,500 Rosa Pearl.


Stone+tec: hall 5 stand 102
Contact: Levent Küllü
Tel.: 0090 256 315 1000


While the Turkish Stone industry is relatively young Suayp Demirel Group, established in 1981, is one of the oldest companies in Turkey. The company has over the years focused mainly on the export of natural stone from their many quarries that are located over a vast area, which therefore gives their client vast choice of quality controlled materials. The factroy, is located on a 80,000 sq m area with a 10,000 closed area. Suayp Demirel Group prides itself on the continuing development of its production capability in both modern machinery and technology.


The annual production is 50,000 cubic meters, most of the production is possessed in their modern plants. The company offer finished products with all the various finishes one expects from a well founded company, as well as raw material, blocks, slabs, cut-to-size and mosaics. Recently the company increased its emphasis on the production of Travertine due to the demand of this interesting material and is currently working 5 travertine quarries. Not that other materials have been forgotten, they are also working 5 other quarries for marble and limestone.


Stone+tec: hall 5 stand 534
Tel.: +90 272 341 32 00

Dervisoglue Marble, trading under the name of Dervi Stone have two factories located on a 55,000 sq m. Area of which 4,000 sq m. are covered. They have built up a good international customer base over the years on their establishment in 1985. The company is one of the components of the ever growing Turkish natural stone industry. As the demand for travertine and marble has increased the company has invested heavily in the famous stone processing machinery of Pedrini.


If you are looking for the old beauty of Turkish Travertine Dervi Stone have a variety of finishes to please even the most discerning. The company offer a wide range of products in both travertine and marble, Mosaics and tiles, Hand crated sinks that will give that extra luxurious feeling to the bathroom, Kitchen work tops and swimming pool copings with a none slip finish.


Stone+tec: hall 4 stand 32
Contact: Nadide Sekman
Tel.: 0090 272 223 4020 / 85

Bertas quarry and supply Porphyry, Porfido and Turco Granite in cube form. The Porphyry material is surprisingly very similar to the original antic Porphyry in texture and in colour. All of the materials are ideal for Landscaping of parks, gardens, streets and ceremonial squares.


Stone+tec: hall 4 stand 208
Contact: Umit Demir
Tel.: 0090 232 632 86 75
Fax: 0090 232 632 05 02

Traverten Mermer, is the trading name of the family run company Komurcuoglu Marble Co Established in 1982 in the miming industry. Due to the good weather in Turkey the company extracts Travertine form its own quarries all year round. This brings continuity to the modern production facility at their factory. The company has a large product line Travertine tiles, Pattern Sets, Tumbled Tiles, Pavers, Mosaics tiles and bowls.


Stone+tec: hall4 stand 504
Contact: Ceyda Özdemir
Tel. 0090 258 279 21 32 / 33 /36