Granite is safe

Granite countertops don’t pose any health risk. That is the result of a scientific study conducted by the environmental testing firm "Environmental Health & Engineering" (EH&E). Quantities of radon and radiation emitted by stones which were analysed all fell well below average background levels commonly found in the U.S.

The most comprehensive scientific study of health threats from granite countertops did not find a single stone that poses any health risk. Scientists conducted more than 400 tests of 115 different varieties of granite countertops, including stones cited in media reports as being potentially problematic. The stones tested include types of granite that comprise approximately 80 percent of the annual U.S. market share for granite countertops, based on the most recent market data available.

"The study showed that you are more likely to have a fatal fall from bed than to develop a health problem related to the most common granite countertops," said Dr. John F. McCarthy, President of Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E).

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