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Natural stone is incomparably versatile. In each edition we assist our readers in the processing and application of this building material and in the marketing
of their products. Our editorial mix includes reports, interviews and "discussions with experts" on current technical questions. Building and Landscaping, Cemeteries and Gravestones, Stone Market and Technology are regular headliners in our magazine.

Connections – around the world
Our editorial staff are well connected in Germany and in the important stone areas around the world. Naturstein is international, keeping in close contact with the industry world wide, debating problems and opportunities, identifying trends and perspectives. Through our network we are able to keep our readers well informed of new processes and products. Naturstein readers know more.

We offer
• Practical information for practical applications
• The largest editorial content
• Reports on companies and products
• The most comprehensive advertising selection
• Largest amount of jobs and classified advertising

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