Levantina places emphasis on sustainability

Levantina joins the group of organizations endorsed by the U.S. Building Council for its commitment to the environment. With this new accreditation the company's products may be able to be used in US buildings that fulfill the rules on sustainability and environmental protection.

The U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) is a non-profit body that encourages building construction in a sustainable manner. Under this seal, there are more than 18,000 companies from various construction sectors, including Levantina, that guarantee that their products are effective from the point of view of sustainability.

For the control and certification of the buildings that fulfill these premises, the USGBC came up with the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) that, from its implementation in 1998, serves as a system to accredit the sustainability of any type of construction. In order to achieve it, the edifice must fulfill a series of rules that revolve around 6 fundamental premises: energy efficiency, the use of alternative energies, the improvement of the quality of the interior environment, the efficiency of water consumption, the sustainable development of the free spaces of the parcel and the selection of materials.
In recent years, USGBC has done a great job in this sector, achieving change in the form in which new constructions are conceived. Thanks to that, there are more and more buildings that respect the Environment and take into consideration the fundamental requisites by this body.

For the Alicante multi-national, being a member of USGBC involves the reaffirmation of its commitment by a sustainably responsible company. In this regard, the recent achievement of the GREENGUARD certificate and GREENGUARG CHILDREN that grants the GREENGUARD Environmental Industry must be added and that certifies as such that their products are produced in a sustainable manner and that do not emit toxic substances into the environment. These accreditations makes Levantina not only a leader in the extraction, production and sale of Natural Stone, but rather also a reference in the mare of Quality and the Environment in the sector that it leads.