Stone(s) of the month - April

Impala Dunkel
Ice Grey
Belgischer Granit
Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe

Every month we present the most viewed materials in our natural stone database. Following the top 15 for April:

1. Anröchte (>>>details)

2. Impala Dunkel (>>>details)

3. Belgischer Granit (>>>details)

4. Star Galaxy (>>>details)

5. Jura Gelb (>>>details)

6. Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe (>>>details)

7. Shivakashi (>>>details)

8. Theuma (>>>details

9. Basaltina (>>>details)

10. Comblachien Mouchete (>>>details)

11. Nebra Rot (>>>details)

12. Nero Michelangelo (>>>details)

13. Ice Grey (>>>details)

14. Kinava (>>>details)

15. Andeer (>>>details)

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