Breton S.p.a.

Breton S.p.a.

Via Garibaldi 27
31030 Castello di Godego

Telephone: +39/0423/7691
Fax: +39/0423/769600

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The range of machines offered by Breton covers all the various production requirements from block sawing to producing various types of finished products. The unequalled experience acquired over the years and the complete range of machines offered, allow Breton to meet all its customers' needs from the small workshop to the industrial production site.

Breton's compound stone plants produce high-quality, technologically advanced and decorative products for the building and furnishing industry, which are widespread, well known and appreciated worldwide. Every year, in various production sites throughout the world Breton Plants produce millions of square meters of compound stone.

Breton plants for manufacturing compound stone are installed and successfully working in over 50 countries worldwide, with an annual production rate estimated at around 40 million square metres.