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Invicon invents, produces and markets modern HighChem materials for new custom-tailored system solutions. They are for example used for decorative and functional surface treatment and for virtually invisible repair of high-quality materials like natural stone, ceramic and metal. Thereby LED light technologies and modern bonding systems are important tools for the treatment of materials.
The company's products are used in daily applications in both the industrial sector and professional creative trade. Invicon cooperates with universities and other research institutions. Invicon offers capable advisory for the users of their products, comprehensive service. The company exclusively cooperates with selected partners. 

StoneLux - System für die Natursteininstandsetzung
Especially for the treatment of natural stone Invicon offers StoneLux, a multi component system for quick and high quality maintenance. StoneLux can be used for all polishable natural stones and enginnered stone for inside and outside settings. It allows to maintenance up to 2 mm deep scratches in the surface, Chipped edges, impact marks and scratches, broken corners and defects caused during installation and finishing

To develop StoneLux, the light-curing technology used in medical technology has been harnessed for application in natural stone repair. This technology uses high-quality composite materials. When illuminated with an LED light source, these liquid composite materials cure within a few seconds. A broad range of colours and newly developed crystalline particles enable the user to create both colour and three-dimensional effects that closely simulate natural stone.

A so called Primer establishes a reliable and durable bond between the composite and natural or engineered stone. Specially designed tools help achieve impeccable repairs without marring the neighbouring stone surfaces.

Invicon offers a StoneLux professional toolbox which contains all necessary 
components for preparing and repairing and finishing the repaired surface. Since last year Invicon also offers a special version exclusively for tiles called StoneLux Tiles

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