Kitchen tops and vanity tops

Kitchen made out of the granite BROWN CHOCOLATE (company: Marmor Lulay)
Engineered Stone "Carnia" of Santa Margherita

Worktops made from granite and engineered stone have been popular now for many years. The growth of their use seems to have no end plus the new technology has made the material more affordable. The versatility and natural beauty of granite together with its hard wearing attributes makes it a must for the professional and amateur chefs for the ease of working upon and cleaning.

The same can be said for engineered stone. The beauty of the natural product is replaced by a vast selection of modern colours. There are considerations to take into account, neither material is indestructible.

Enhancers are widely used on granite making the colour more prominent, but it also has a disadvantage when it starts to wear being patchy. It is wise to check with your supplier and check if the use of the enhancer is desirable.

Correct protection and cleaning are essential to make sure that the worktops remain beautiful and resilient to stains. There are a number of products to clean and care for your granite or synthetic stone surfaces. Hot pans and equipment that give off heat directly onto the surface should be avoided. Wipe off caustic cleaning agents immediately, because they dissolve any protective film on the surface. Always use a cutting or chopping blocks. Never cut or chop anything directly on the worktop surface. To stop hard to shift stains always wipe water and food residue off the surface straight away.