Aro granite industries ltd.

Aro granite industries ltd.

No. 103, Sipcot Industrial Complex
635126 Hosur

More information:

Aro Granite Industries focuses on processing stone. 70 % of the blocks processed originate from India.

The company exports its entire production. Its biggest customers are the USA (40 %), Europe (30 %) and the Far East (20 %). Every month Aro ships 80 (soon 100) containers of stone slabs and 20 (soon 50) containers of tile.

 Aro started out in tile manufacturing near Bangalore and has been in business since 1990. In 2001 the company reinvested in Hosur, where it produced stone slabs and tiles. There it has beside others an approximately 2.500 m³ block warehouse, eight gangsaws, four block cutters, and a and a resining system.

 One plant for tile production has a production capacity of 180,000 m² per year. A second plant for the processing of block slabs is in operation since 2001 (360.000 m²).

Two plants are certified for quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2000. An environmental management system is currently being introduced in accordance with ISO 14000.