Natural stone database, news, newsletters, technical dictionary, online trade show, and much more – the new trade portal for the Naturstein Magazine offers everything that the industry needs. The centrepiece is a database with information and images of more than 4.500 natural stones.

Over 2,000 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors met at Marble 2009 held, this year, in the classical Turkish city of Izmir. Simply walking along the Kordon one feels the friendly and courteous welcome of the Turkish people. This friendliness is brilliantly mirrored in the atmosphere of the Culture park where the fair is held.

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raw slab, tranche brute, chapa serrada: With our dictionary you can translate technical terms into seven languages.

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Find companies and cutomers. In our classified dictionary you can search for companies from every part of the branche.

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Granite countertops don’t pose any health risk. That is the result of a scientific study conducted by the environmental testing firm "Environmental Health & Engineering" (EH&E). Quantities of radon and radiation emitted by stones which were analysed all fell well below average background levels commonly found in the U.S.

Natural stone is incomparably versatile. In each edition we assist our readers in the processing and application of this building material and in the marketing
of their products. Our editorial mix includes reports, interviews and "discussions with experts" on current technical questions. Building and Landscaping, Cemeteries and Gravestones, Stone Market and Technology are regular headliners in our magazine.

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